Using Crystals As Feng Shui Enhancements - Carnelian

Using Crystals As Feng Shui Enhancements – Carnelian

Precious stones make brilliant Feng Shui upgrades. In this series of articles I take a gander at probably the most well known gems that are utilized in Feng Shui and give a knowledge of how they can be utilized in your home. In this article I direct my concentration toward cornaline, a gem that has areas of strength extraordinarily and can be utilized in numerous regions of the home.


Carnelian is one of those precious stones which has areas of strength such that upgrading various regions in your home can be utilized. As a yang stone it tends to be utilized to reinforce the energy in any of the yang regions or to lift the energy in any dismissed or dull spaces in the house. The yang region of your home begins in the north east and moves toward the south and addresses the information, family, riches and confidence regions.


Most likely the most popular utilization of Carnelian is as a stone of overflow. Consequently many individuals place Carnelian at the entry to the home. Putting a bowl of Carnelian gems right inside your home close to the front entryway can give the feeling that you are available to and empowering achievement and overflow through your entryway. In the event that your front entryway is arranged in a yin region (beginning in the south west and traveling through toward the north) then, at that point, to guarantee that Carnelian doesn't overwhelm the quieting yin energy guarantee that the precious stones are set in either a round or free flowing glass or metal bowl as this will assist with adjusting the components.


As well as being known as a stone of overflow Carnelian can likewise assist with bringing fortitude, achievement and self control. On the off chance that you are needing support in any of these aspects of your life then setting Carnelian in the confidence region of your home can be exceptionally helpful. Carnelian gems can be utilized as a little showcase by their own doing as they are delightful profound shaded stones, or they can be made piece of a bigger presentation. In the confidence region of your home they can be made into an extremely strong presentation with red or orange candles. While involving candles as a Feng Shui upgrade the power comes from when the flame is lit so consistently ensure that you are in the room when you light the candle and never leave it unattended.


I trust that you have found this article valuable, and it has given you a knowledge of how Carnelian gems can be utilized in your home.


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